He puna Tarei

He puna Tarei

Thursday, March 21, 2019

A place remembered

We had to write a description of our bedroom . We had to use no pronouns. Here is mine!

The first thing you can see is the messy bed with the covers flung back. Singing can always be heard. A closet is built into the walls, it is full of toys. Up against a wall is a white wooden cot with toys and blankets in it. On the window there are dark long and purple curtains. There is a white wooden draw full of book. In the corner of the room is a grey TV.

Looker on poem

In He Puna Kawnga we have been learning to write descriptions. 
To write description you have to be good at noticing, observing and wondering. We went around the school doing this then wrote poems inspired by Frank Kendon´s the looker on. Here is my poem.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Treasure map

In He Puna Tarei we were learning about North, south, east and west. We also had to make a map.
Here is mine.

How to find my treasure
First start at the ship then go SW to the hut. Then go SW to the cave. Next go NW to the blue lake. Then go SE to the volcano. After that go NE to the forest. Finally walk SE to the smelly swamp.
Then jump into the swamp and you will find your treasure.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Surviving the mud run!

At Green Pastures camp, we were heading  to the mud run. I was so excited to do it. YAY! We were there. People got into the mud and …  people were screaming and crying. I hopped in the mud and the mud was up to my chest. I got out of that mud then there was another pool of mud but it had a big tree trunk that you could climb onto. Lucky I got to the other side. WOW! I heard lots of people crying on the last part of the mud run. I also saw heaps of people stuck. I got in the mud and it was so deep. I grabbed the rope and pulled it as hard as I could but I only moved a little. I tried to crawl through the mud, it worked, I kept crawling. Yay! I made it to the end. I got out of the mud and I looked like a mud monster.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Maori language week

For maori language week He Puna Tarei  created posters. We had to do greetings, fruit, animals and words in  maori. We also had to search up what ever the picture the word was.We could do any background and I chose a maori background. Here it is!

Monday, September 10, 2018

My Illuminated Letter

In He Puna Tarei we were doing illuminated letters.
First you chose a letter like the letter at the start of your name. Then you practice doing your illuminated letter 4 times. Then you chose your best 2. Then you get a good copy and chose the best out of them. Then you draw your letter you chose. Then colour your letter in. Here is mine.   

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Roman art

In He Puna Tarei we have been making mosaics. First Miss Nation cut lots of different colored paper up. Then we had to print a horse, fish,spider or a bird. Next we had to cut it out and then trace around it on a black piece of paper. Then we got any colour we wanted to do the inside of the animal we chose. Lastly we did the background different colours. Here is my mosaic.